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Laser Etching

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Located in the San Tan Valley of Arizona, the Handcrafter Gallery specializes in artistic gifts that are personalized using sand, chemical and laser carving technologies. We are proud to say that by combining these etching techniques we are changing the final finish and appearance of our various product lines. These programed outcomes make finishes that are variable looking such as; frosted, deep carved, and in some case so detailed-you would think some items could talk.

With brand new product releases all the time we are rapidly expanding (behind the scenes) to meet the needs of our current and growing client base.

Sand Etching

At the same time as we extend our products into new markets. Our current focus is not just on developing but rather too, continuing to maintain our high after-sales support services which has and does provide ongoing value to our customers.

All Handcrafter Gallery products are available to our customers on this site, via telephone or our other Internet retail outlets. Prices remain consistent regardless of which option/shop(s) you are directed to and decide to purchase from.

Personalized Gifting







 You should know

Under or various categories there are literally 1oo’s of custom variations available.

Also, nearly everything can be personalized with names, places, events and sayings, etc.

My Favorite is these Papercut Light boxes

Papercut Silhouette Art In The Box
At the very beginning, it is said that the silhouette was one of Europe’s art crafts that were just for the king or queen. The courtly painter of Europe created this silhouette art in addition to a variety of painting methods, in order to record the face of the emperor.

Inspiration and Imagination In The Box
Light filtered through a dozen calendared paper and formed a dreamy soft halo, to create a comfortable and warm environment for personal appreciation.

Fascinating Craft In The Box
The devotee of papercut craft usually takes 100-200 hours to complete a work of a papercut light box, that would easily make the final that could exceed $300.   However here at the Handcrafter Gallery in combination with our partners we have optimized the process.  You can now have this beautiful art foe less than you would pay to go out to eat.

Papercut Light boxes, 3D Shadow Box Led light night lamp, Decorative Mood Light for Kids and Adults, Baby Nursery Kids Bedroom Living Room Night Light.  Enjoy!!


Night in Rome: The Tiber river is one of the most important rivers in the Rome city, not only because it has a beautiful night scenery, but also because the Saint Peter’s Basilica is located on its West.

Multi contoured paper layers overlaid to form a dreamy soft light, each layer has a unique silhouette design. It will be a powerful embodiment of artistic appreciation.

 It will show a lifelike 3D effect to build a dreamlike and warm atmosphere, when the light pass through the multi-layer of different patterns of paper.

More suitable for children sleep, but also for adults to have a pleasant and relaxed bedtime experience. 

Your kids and family will love it and it can also be given to your friends as gifts.

 Soft Lights: It lights up like a glow– it is not overpowering or too bright. Lovely luminescent art that makes the perfect light to build a dreamlike and warm atmosphere.  TEAM WORK Papercut Light Boxes ( Mermaid ), Creative Bedside Lamp of Remote Control , Soothing Light for Contemporary Living Spaces,3D Shadow Box USB LED Light
 Little Mermaid Under The Icebergs And Moon.  Night Light Lamp For Baby Nursery, Kids And Adults  Meditating: Concentrate the heart and mind on the love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness, being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself
 Unicorn In The Jungle, Night Light Lamp The unicorn stands for dignity, pride and purity.  Venice Night,  View Of Gondola And Boatman,Venice is the only city without a car in the world, it is known as the tears of God because of its crystal clear and tender feelings. Winding water lanes flowing clear river water increase the poetic and picturesque beauty to this ancient city.
 The Deer in The Deep Forest At Night The brightness adjustable touch switch and desktop or hanging design can adapt to many usage scenarios.  Giraffe And Shangri-LaShangri-La is a peaceful and quiet place in range of high mountains in the Far East, the Karakal peaks rise steeply into the clouds, and the old Lamasery stands at the foot of the mountain.
 Fairy ButterflyLegend is the Fairy  Butterfly was born with every flower blooming, for this reason they have colorful wings and  a loving heart. They’re friends of all the people in the forest.  Sweet TimeHollow three-dimensional paper carving lights that are manually
assembled ,beautiful light effect, super energy-saving LED lamp beads.

If  you are satisfied with our Papercut Light Boxes , it is our hope you will come back to give us
good feedback at your  convenience. We would love your affirmation.!
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